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happy culture. is a community interest company founded in 2021 by Natalie & William Goodacre who dreamed of a space in the city for people to focus on positivity, wellbeing, and community. A sanctuary of sustainability for locals to come together to connect and to create positive change.

happy culture. is: 


A 100% plant based café, serving delicious, lovingly prepared food and drinks to our customers with a pay it forward scheme for those in need in our city.


A community, which has room for everyone, and that supports grassroots projects to grow and create positive change in the city of Lincoln.


A mindset, that people matter, that business can be done differently, and that no one is too small to have an impact.

happy culture. cafe is 100% plant based because  it's the most cruelty-free option for ourselves, animals, and the planet. It's a form of positive social action, which is what we are all about.


happy culture. community space is a relaxing environment for local groups to use for free, under the promise that they will use our cafe and pay it forward. We hope that our space will enable groups and grassroots organisations that cannot otherwise afford to rent rooms the space they need to promote positivity and wellness.

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