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project happiness

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Project Happiness is our vision for Happy Culture Cafe and what we want the space to become.

We are a plant based cafe with a difference - a mental health cafe that hosts workshops and classes to make people who visit happier and feeling better about themselves.


Quite simply, community is the heart of our business and we need our wonderful community {you guys} to help us achieve our vision.


We're opening up our space for anyone to use for the good of the community we serve. You could be running a book group, a coach, a comedian, a yoga teacher, a parent group, helping people to move their bodies or learn to play the spoons. Whatever your talent may be, we want you to feel welcome to use our space to spread joy.


So if you have ever wanted to run a workshop, class, jam session, pop up shop or open mic now is your chance.


All workshops will be hosted and booked through our website this means we will absorb all of the admin costs for you, but also means we comply with Covid 19 protocols which requires us to keep a record of who is using our space.


Our pricing policy has 3 options


1. If you charge for your classes/workshops we charge 12.5% of the ticket cost to cover the use of the space (eg. Service users pay £8, we get £1 and you get £7).

2. If you are hosting the class/workshop 100% free then there is no charge to use the space, under the premise that your service users would use the cafe facilities.

3. If you are hosting your class/workshop with "pay what you can" spaces then a donation to us would be appreciated, and that your service users would use the cafe facilities.


We want to keep our space as open and accessible to all people at all price points, but we still have bills to pay ourselves - we hope that this way it makes it fair for all.


Spaces for classes are currently available from 5.30pm until 9.30pm Monday to Friday. Minimum session lengths are 30minutes and maximum are 2hours (although if you would like sessions to be longer please let us know and we'll see what we can accommodate.


The space can be set up to your needs either with the chairs and tables out or folded away to create an open space.


If you are interested in booking out the space, whether this is a regular booking, or a one off please get in touch with your preferred day/date and time, and details. Etc and we will work with you to host your event.


Get in touch here or email us with you enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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